Saffron Travel’s June Newsletter 2019

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Hikes in South East Asia
South East Asia is home to some of the most diverse lowland tropical rainforests and ecosystems in Asia.

Saffron Travel’s May Newsletter 2019

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South East Asia Cruises
Southeast Asia is a fantastic destination to go on a cruise because of its warm climate, friendly people, scenic and watery landscape. Experience the Mekong River from Vietnam to Laos and Cambodia, visiting remote villages and markets by boat.

Saffron Travel’s April Newsletter 2019

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Beach breaks in South East Asia
With so many islands, long stretches of coastline and all bathed in a beautiful tropical climate, the region can truly boast some of the very best beach break destinations in the world.

Saffron Travel’s March Newsletter 2019

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South East Asia Is A Great Destination For Photographers Of All Levels
From the bustling street life, to the vividly colourful wildlife and all the otherforms‘life’ in between, South East Asia is a photographer’s dream. This highly photogenic continent makes even the least talented photographer’s snaps look like they’ve come from The National Geographic!

Saffron Travel’s February Newsletter 2019

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Urban, Bourique
As much of the region undergoes rapid change, ‘heritage tours’ in many of the major cities are changing too.

Saffron Travel’s January Newsletter 2019

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Celebrating Tradidtional New Year
The New Year festivities across South East Asia are a special time when people put the past behind them, celebrate together and look forward to a new year full of good fortune.

Saffron Travel’s December Newsletter 2018

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Festivals Across Southeast Asia
The rich and diverse culture across Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar is often most vividly on display during the many local festivals that take place. These vary from country to country and even village to village.

Saffron Travel July Newsletter 2019

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Discover the real South East Asia Saffron Travel hopes every traveller can have a chance to discover in South East Asia a passion for culture and gastronomy and bring travellers beyond the clichés promoted in...