Saffron Travel is a boutique travel agency providing a full range of tourism services to in-bound visitors and travellers to South East Asia.

Inspired by the tastes, colors and cultural heritage of the region, Saffron Travel is dedicated to delivering richer and more authentic experiences to its clients.

From tailor-made trips, to small and large organised tours and MICE packages, the team is committed to the highest standards of customer service based on a passion for the region built up over 15 years of working in the tourism industry.

This experience combined with a fresh, ‘boutique’ approach to service and quality means that Saffron Travel is uniquely placed to offer the international traveller the very best of the highly sensorial cultures, stunning landscapes and friendly people of what used to be known as Indochina.

Meet Our Passionate Team of Travel Experts

We continue to be inspired by what we call The Spirit of Saffron: the vivid tastes, colours and rich culture of this vibrant and stunningly beautiful part of the world.

They can provide visitors with such unique and unforgettable travel experiences and it is our aim to make sure that we do all we can to deliver the best of this Spirit of Saffron to all of our clients.

Long Doan

Managing Director

Long is a veteran of the tourism industry in South East Asia and a life long traveler. During his twenty-year career, he has visited every corner of South East Asia and traveled to many other parts of the world besides. It’s his passion for travel that underpins his desire to create unique and memorable experiences for visitors to South East Asia. He grew up in Vietnam and is inspired by the colors, tastes and cultural heritage of the countries that make up this vibrant region. As new opportunities for travel continue to emerge, Long loves to develop and deliver unforgettable visits for clients with a particular focus on connecting with local culture and preserving natural resources. His most inspiring travel experience that Long would like to share with other travel lovers:

  • Enjoying high tea and a wonderful conversation with a wise monk in one of the many beautiful temples in Bagan, Myanmar.


Hanoi Branch Office Manager

“A real Hanoi-an” is what you can describe Dung when meeting her for the first time. She loves Hanoi and knows every corner of this beautiful city. Dung is in charge of managing all the logistics within the Northern area of Vietnam. Having been in the industry for 8 years, she has decent skills in negotiations. Outside office hours, Dung loves spending time on exploring the food in the Old Quarter and seeking for new hidden venues serving authentic Vietnamese food for travelers. No doubt she is a good cook herself.

Her most inspiring travel experience that Dung would like to share with other travel lovers:

  • A lovely home hosted lunch she had with a host in Ninh Binh where she had a chance to learn many interesting traditions.