Ensuring your visa arrangements are all in order is crucial when planning a trip to South East Asia. Here are some essential travel tips to keep in mind when organizing a visa to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

First you must ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return date. On top of that allow at least an additional 2 months prior to your departure to secure a visa.

Vietnam visa:

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A visa is compulsory to enter Vietnam except for citizens of:

  • Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand if the length of the stay is not exceeding 30 days.
  • The Philippines if the length of the stay is not exceeding 21 days.
  • Korea, Japan, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, the UK, Italy, France and Russia if the length of the stay is not exceeding 15 days and applied for single entry visits.

There are 4 options to obtain a visa to Vietnam:

1. Visas can be acquired directly at Vietnamese Embassies and Consulates abroad.
2. You can apply for visa a through a sponsoring travel agency.

In that case, just provide us with the following details: Full name, date and place of birth, citizenship, occupation, passport number, date and place of issue, expiration date, date and port of entry into Vietnam.

We will forward these particulars to Vietnam immigration, which will in turn issue and send by telex an approval letter to the relevant embassy by telex.

In our turn, we will send you one copy of the approval letter. Just bring it or send it to the embassy together with your passport, 2 passport photos and two fully filled out application forms to get the visas stamped.

3. You can apply for a visa upon arrival through a sponsoring travel agency.

In that case, provide us with the same information as mentioned above and we will send you an approval letter issued from immigration.

This approval letter will be required at the time of boarding. The approval letter will be required at the time of boarding. Visa stamping fees can be either pre-paid to our agency or paid at immigration on arrival.

4. You can apply for an e-visa to Vietnam.

Website for applying e-visa to Vietnam: https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/en_US/web/guest/khai-thi-thuc-dien-tu/cap-thi-thuc-dien-tu

E-visa is applied for citizens from 40 countries and is valid for 30-day single entry only. This e-visa, however , is new to some airlines , so Saffron Travel highly recommends travelers check with the airlines in advance before boarding to avoid any unexpected issues.

35 Countries Eligible To Apply For E-Visas To Vietnam

Vietnam has added 35 more countries to the list of those whose nationals can visit with e-visas. The list includes: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Iceland, Belgium, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Qatar, Andorra, Monaco, Croatia, Estonia, Fiji, Georgia, Latvia, Lithiuania, Malta, Macedonia, Micronesia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Salomon Islands, San Marino, Cyprus, China (applicable to Hong Kong and Macau passport holders), Vanuatu, Western Samoa, and Serbia. Citizens can apply for e-visas for a 30-day single entry visit from February 1st this year.

*Note that in all cases visas cannot be delivered upon arrival without a visa authorization from immigration.

Immigration procedures take time which can be tiresome after a long flight. Saffron Travel offers fast track services at the airport to expedite the process. As soon as you land, our officer will be waiting for you at the landing gate. He/she will assist you through the immigration procedures, then escort you to meet your English-speaking guide. The whole process takes around just 15-20 minutes.

Laos visa:

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A visa is compulsory to enter Laos. To obtain a visa you must first ensure your passport will be valid for at least 6 months after your return date.

Citizens of Luxembourg and Switzerland do not need a visa if the length of their stay does not exceed 14 days.

There are 2 options at the moment to obtain a visa for Laos:

  1. For USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, E.U and Swiss citizen visas can be acquired either directly or through your travel agency at Laotian Embassies and Consulates.
  2. You can obtain your visa on arrival at the international checkpoints of Wattay International Airport in Vientiane, Luang Prabang or Pakse International Airports, at the Vietnam-Laos border checkpoint on national road 8 (Namphao) near Vinh (Vietnam) and on national road 9 (Densavanh) in front of Lao Bao (Vietnam), as well as the Thai-Laos border checkpoints at the Friendship Bridge in Vientiane (in front of Nongkhai), Vangtau close to Pakse (in front of Chongmek) and Houeixay (in front of Chiangkhong). At the China-Laos border you can obtain your visa at the checkpoint of Boten, in front of Mengla (Yunnan province). Be careful, the checkpoint of Veunkham between Laos and Cambodia cannot deliver visas on arrival yet. Both a Cambodian and a Lao valid visa should therefore be in your possession before departure.

Cambodia visa:

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A visa is compulsory to enter Cambodia except for citizens of the Brunei (14 days), Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines (21 days), Seychelles (14 days), Singapore, Thailand (14 days),Vietnam.

All foreign visitors are now able to obtain the Cambodia visa upon arrival at the airport.  It is no longer necessary to get the visa stamp at the Cambodian Embassies in your countries before your visit. Just prepare the following documents:

  • Passport (validity of more than six months balance at time of entry)
  • One passport photo (4×6 cm)
  • US$ 30 cash for tourist visa fee (Paid directly to the Immigration Office)

There are 4 options at the moment to obtain a visa for Cambodia:

  1. You can obtain your visa on arrival at the international airports of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Visas upon arrival are also available for people arriving overland from Thailand at Koh Kong, Poi Pet, O’Smach and Pailin checkpoints and from Vietnam at Chau Doc and Bavet-Moc Bai checkpoints.
  2. For people arriving from Laos at Veungkham semi-official border crossing, both Lao and Cambodian visas must be arranged prior to arrival. Identity pictures are required.
  3. Visas can be acquired directly at Cambodian Embassies and Consulates abroad.
  4. You can apply via the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Cambodia (http://evisa.mfaic.gov.kh/) to obtain an electronic visa.

Myanmar visa:

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A visa is compulsory to enter Myanmar. There are currently only 2 options for obtaining a visa to Myanmar:

  1. Visas can be acquired directly at the Myanmar Embassies and Consulates abroad.
  2. If you do not have Myanmar Embassy at your home country or you are not able to apply Myanmar visa in advance, you can obtain a pre-arranged visa on arrival at the Yangon and Mandalay International airports on your arrival. We need detailed information one month prior to arrival.
  3. An E-visa is also available at https://www.evisa.gov.kh/

Please note that tourist visas will be valid for 90 days and once used it will be for 28 days stay and e-visa is only for Tourists, only for Yangon Airport.