August Newsletter – Honeymoon to South East Asia

August Newsletter – Honeymoon to South East Asia

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Saffron Travel
August 31, 2023

Read our full newsletter here: August Newsletter – Honeymoon to South East Asia

In this Newsletter, Saffron Travel brings you the Nature atmosphere for a honeymoon. The green theme will be highlighted throughout, showcasing breathtaking destinations that offer couples a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

First and foremost, there is some exciting news regarding visas in Vietnam making it easier for visitors to plan their honeymoon in Vietnam. We introduce Panhou Retreat, nestled amidst stunning nature, inviting travelers to relax and embrace culture in the heart of Hoang Su Phi.


Surrounded by acres of picturesque Cambodian countryside, “Green Village” Zannier Hotels Phum Baitang is a gateway to exploring the mystical wonders of an ancient culture.


The tour “Monk Blessing Ceremony in Siem Reap” will take travelers on a cultural journey that will enrich your soul. Travelers can spend a whole day to explore the ancient temples, feel the spiritual energy, and witness Buddhist rituals. It is also a special way for couples to celebrate their union as the blessing is believed to bring peace and pleasure.


Looking for a unique eco-retreat? The Namkhan Ecolodge in Luang Prabang is a vibrant green retreat. Travelers can participate in a variety of outdoor activities and explore nearby villages while learning about local cultural practices.

Saigon is a great centre for foodies in search of traditional and innovative tastes. A mixology tour is an interesting option for those who are really keen to get an insight into the city’s culture and history through its food and drink.


Finally, let’s satisfy your taste buds with Tamarind Beef Salad, a refreshing and tangy dish that combines the flavours of tender beef, crisp vegetables, and a zesty tamarind dressing.





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