July Newsletter – Cruises of Indochina

July Newsletter – Cruises of Indochina

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Saffron Travel
August 1, 2023

Read our full newsletter here: July Newsletter – Cruises of Indochina

Indochina is a Southeast Asian area with a rich cultural heritage, gastronomy, and breathtaking landscapes. In this July Newsletter, Saffron Travel offers some suggestions for exploring the region along its many waterways by cruise.

The updated visa policy to Vietnam with effect from the 15th of August, 2023, tourist visa can be obtained with maximum of 90 days as multiple entry.


Two new cruises have just arrived in the Gulf of Tonkin: The Paradise Grand Cruise and the Indochine Premium Cruise. Meanwhile, the Heritage Line just unveiled Anouvong in Laos.

In the area of niche cruise options in the stunning bays, the Orchid Premium and Paradise Peak are standouts for travellers seeking privacy with their loved ones in Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay.

The Mekong river is Indochina’s lifeblood, and the Victoria Mekong Cruise will take travellers along the river to the heart of Vietnam and Cambodia.

A lunch cruise to Pak Ou Caves in Luang Prabang offers spectacular views of the river and limestone mountains, allowing travellers to uncover hidden gems in the tranquil Mekong River in Laos.


Last but not least, we bring to you a beautiful delicious little appetiser from the Lao people – Ua Si Khai. It is a delightful combination of flavors, textures, and aromas that captivate the senses.



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