October Newsletter – Where to go this Christmas?

October Newsletter – Where to go this Christmas?

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Saffron Travel
October 22, 2023

Read our full newsletter here: October Newsletter – Where to go this Christmas?

Our October newsletter is out, and Saffron Travel brings you some recommendations for your Christmas bucket list.

Carillon Park is the first official national park in Cambodia. This is an ideal place to escape from the heat of the city and immerse yourself in the nature.

Around November and December are the best times to travel to Moc Chau. During these months the picturesque Moc Chau plateau will be flourishing with wildflowers.


And don’t forget a gift to give to your loved ones. You can join a workshop in Hmong embroidery with an artisan at the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre (TAEC), and make your own special gift.

This month, we highlight two truly unique locations. The first is the Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort with Phu Quoc Island working to reduce plastic waste released into the environment. The second is the stylish Shinta Mani resort in Angkor quickly becoming famous for its Open Heart cocktail, the perfect sundowner.

Another great dinner option is the restaurant Botanico Gastrobar in Cambodia. This is a special venue, perfect for private parties, social gatherings, or some relaxing and romantic moments with loved ones.

And lastly, our culinary corner features Tom Kha Gai, a famous sweet and spicy hot soup of Lao and Thai cuisine.




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