The magnificent Angkor Wat temple complex never disappoints. The ancient architecture, adorned with remarkable statues and depictions on temple friezes of life during the Khmer Empire, is truly one of the highlights of any trip to Indochina. Cambodia is also home to the largest lake in all of Southeast Asia – Tonle Sap – dotted with little villages on stilts and beautiful mangrove forests. At Kratie on the banks of the Mekong River, with a bit of luck, you can spot the rare Mekong River Dolphins. Phnom Penh is known for its many museums testifying to the horrors of the Khmer Rouge but is also rapidly transforming into a fashionable modern metropolis. Along the south coast, the quiet beach towns of Kep and Kampot contrast with the larger city-by-the-beach buzz of Sihanoukville. Near the Cardamom Mountains to the west lies Koh Kong, boasting luxurious floating eco-resorts, small uninhabited islands, and some of the best beaches in the region.

TOURS IN Cambodia